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The Trustees meet four times a year to discuss applications. These are a few guidelines which applicants should consider.

It is the Trust's policy that donations will benefit organisations or individuals in north Wiltshire or south Gloucestershire.

It is very unusual for awards to be made in excess of £2000, although the Trustees sometimes offer a grant spread over two or more years to achieve more effective support.

In general awards are only made for specific projects rather than for non specific requirements like general administration.

It is helpful for the Trustees if the application explains briefly exactly how the grant will be spent.

Applicants are required to complete our application form supported by any information they feel will be helpful, including recent approved accounts if applicable. In particular  the applicant should explain briefly how the grant will be spent and what steps the applicant has already made to raise the balance required. Trustees may visit or make contact before the application is heard and sometimes follow up later to see how  the applicant is completing the project.

To apply click here for an application form as a pdf or click here for a word file application. The word file can be completed and saved on your computer and then emailed to admin@jacklane.co.uk